CEO’s Message

Ahmet Kose

Dear Students,

Our mission at Mentora College is to develop in our students the creative minds and ethical spirits needed to contribute wisdom, compassion, and leadership to a global society. Mentora is passionate about helping you master the English skills you need in this era of globalization.  Our highly qualified instructors, high-tech facilities, friendly staff, diversity, and personalized one-on-one tutoring will provide you a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

Backed by over 46 years of experience in education, Mentora is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence. We aim to understand your personal learning style and goals in order to provide you the best support for your course of study. We believe embracing a communicative approach using real-world language will prepare you to enter demanding professional industries and advanced academic institutions. Here at Mentora, learning is not restricted to the classrooms. We offer integrated cultural activities and field trips that give you the opportunity to use the language while learning about American culture and the cultures of your classmates.

As the entire Mentora College family, we are very excited to welcome you to our institution, while looking forward to accompanying you in exploring the American culture through learning English.

Ahmet Kose
CEO of U.S. Operations