Chair’s Message


Thinking of the Future…

Those who do not dream cannot cultivate these dreams into future realities. The dreams you have actualized represent your strengths of character, the capacity of your imagination, and the power of your abilities. Every achievement begins with a dream, and dreams foster our motivations to excel and succeed in our lives every day.

We aim to equip students with the foreign language instruction, general cultural knowledge and opportunities to participate in social activities at the highest level. Mentora College aims to develop our students’ creative mind and ethical spirits that are needed to contribute to wisdom, compassion, and leadership in a global society.

Through rigorous English language studies, effective educators lead our students through a challenging curriculum and inspire them to take responsibility for their own learning. We are committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, and dedicate ourselves to sustaining an institute in which the faculty, staff, and students representing diverse, international cultures and experiences bring about the development of the personal knowledge, attitudes, and skills essential for lifelong learning.

Enver Yucel
Chair, Board of Trustees