Admissions into Mentora College

Students who want to enroll in any of our programs must submit a completed Application Form and other required documents in order to be admitted into our English language school.

To learn how to apply, please follow our application process, here.

New Students

New students must take our online placement test and speaking test to determine their class level prior the beginning of their class at our school. Please allow at least 3 business days before attending your first class to determine which class levels you will need to attend.

If you do not comply with this deadline, we cannot guarantee that the student will get placed in class. Students who do not follow this deadline may have to attend a different program than they originally registered.

Admission Requirements

Students can apply to our program if:

  • the student is outside the United States and wants to study at Mentora with an F-1 visa
  • the student is in the United States and has an I-20 from another school but wants to transfer to Mentora.
  • the student is in the United States on a different visa and wants to change to an F-1 visa.

*Please note that all foreign language documents must be translated into English in order to be approved.

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