ESL for Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing

ESL for Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing

Mentora College is proud to offer our general English (A1-C1) curriculum for deaf and hard of hearing students as well. For these DHH adapted classes the core curriculum is used for the reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills and for the receptive and signing skills the curriculum is supplemented with ASL materials that are level appropriate. 

The DHH classes use the core curriculum based on the New Language Leader books and is supplemented with the Signing Naturally Series by Smith, Lentz and Mikos and Learning American Sign Language by Humphries and Padden. These supplemental materials were carefully chosen and integrated into the general English curriculum.

The books that were chosen to supplement the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mentora IEP were Learning American Sign Language Levels 1 and 2 by Tom Humphries and Carol Padden and the Signing Naturally series by Lentz, Mikos and Smith. Students who enroll in these classes are required to demonstrate satisfactory ASL proficiency to learn ESL through the medium of ASL and these books are used to supplement the IEP curriculum for the receptive and productive skills. These books were chosen based on careful research on different product options and for all the materials they provide to the teacher and to the students to ensure that students are supported. 

Students enrolling in the IEP DHH classes take the Mentora College placement exam which assess writing, grammar and vocabulary skills. The students will also have one-on-one interviews with the DHH teacher to assess their signing level. Using the grade from the exam, the students writing and their interview the student will be placed into the appropriate level.