Program Levels

Placement Chart

CEFR Scale TOEFL (iBT) IELTS Equivalent
Mentora Courses
Hours of
Foundation A1 ESL 001
ESL 002
90-100 Basic “survival level” vocabulary
A2 <50 <4.0 ESL 100A
ESL 100B
180-200 Basic, working understanding of English grammar for everyday use
Threshold B1 50-69 4.0-5.0 ESL 101A
ESL 101B
350-400 Intermediate Reading and Writing and fluent Speaking with some errors
B2 70-89 5.5-6.5 ESL 102A
ESL 102B
500-600 High level in Reading and Writing skills with fluent Speaking
Proficiency C1 90-109 7.0-8.0 ESL 103A
ESL 103B
ESL 104A
ESL 104B
700-800 Advanced level, very few errors, and high level vocabulary
C2 110-120 8.5-9.0 Advanced elective courses 1000-1200 Near-native proficiency in English

CEFR (Common European Framework Reference for Languages) Common Reference Levels Global Scale Proficiency descriptors are created by Council of Europe, available at: