Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs – Coming in 2019

Using English in one’s career is growing in importance during the age of globalization. Professionals working in all organizations, from small local companies to large multinationals and from government agencies to legal firms, must learn to communicate across borders and within a diverse community. This means that the ability to communicate well in English is essential to one’s career success. Mentora’s Certificate Program offers courses aimed at giving students the language skills needed to function in their specific career.

The courses focus on the functional use of English for specific purposes. Mentora College offers customized Business English and Legal English courses for professionals who want superior intensive instruction that matches their specific needs.

  • Program participants will learn how to communicate effectively using American business or legal terminology.
  • Classroom interaction is based on meaningful communication and emphasizes the functional development of students language abilities.
  • Authentic material is used and classes are student-centered and student-driven in order to capitalize on skills students already possess in their field and in English.
  • Teachers organize lessons in a way that simulates a real-world environment.
  • Teachers are well educated, highly experienced instructors with experience working in corporate and legal professions.

The courses are customized to the specifications of groups and typically last from 3 to 4 weeks. In addition to classroom instruction, Mentora arranges guest lectures and course-related field trips. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive certificates acknowledging their comprehensive knowledge of the English terminology and content related to their field.