Contextual Learning

Mentora College’s educational materials focus on American history and culture and provide opportunities for students to perfect their comprehension of American English.  This course uses the same authentic  media millions of Americans also access learn about current events in their country and around the world.

In addition, students who complete our core curriculum have the opportunity to take our audio-visual course, American History and Culture through Film, which looks at major events and cultural trends in the United States through documentary films, historical fiction movies, and educational television programming.

Currently, we are offering following advanced courses about American Culture:

AWC 240: Introduction to American Culture: Beliefs, Values, & Family
AWC 241: Introduction to American Culture: Heritage and Diversity
AWC 242: Introduction to American Culture: Business, Government, & Education

These courses are for advanced students who have high-level abilities in all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

The goal of these courses are to provide a conceptual framework of the basics of American culture based on its history/heritage, people, values & beliefs, geography, and government. Students will be exposed to American culture and America’s current issues while evaluating their own cultural through the same framework. During the course, students will be given opportunities for self-reflection and to voice their opinions after having drawn comparisons between their own culture and American culture on themes including beliefs, families, and the future of American values.

These courses will examine traditional American values and culture and how these affect life in America. Class work will include readings from the textbook and from current media, as well as authentic listening, film, and interactions with Americans.