Student Services

Student Services

Mentora College student services and admissions staff are available to help students with any questions they may have about insurance, visa requirements, academics, classes, etc.

Mentora's admissions officers are ready and available to answer your questions through phone, e-mail or in person. They are available at the front desk, 8 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday or can be contacted at + 1 (202) 644 - 7200 /

Activities & Field Trips

Mentora has an on-going effort to provide fun, educational, and proactive activities for students in-class and around Washington, DC.

We understand students have different needs and interests, that's why we have a various activities, events, and clubs available; such as:
  • sports teams
  • book club
  • cooking club
  • volunteer work
  • student training
  • social hours
  • holiday parties/potlucks
  • and many more!

Visits & Talks

Mentora schedules visitors, like universities or professionals, to talk or give lectures. It is encouraged for students to attend these events to learn more about a specific subject while practicing their listening and/or speaking skills.

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Computer Lab

Students have access to our computer lab, open during school hours. The computer lab contains 28 computers, regularly updated and loaded with Microsoft Office. This lab provides students with easy access to the Internet for emailing, research, resume writing assistance, test preparation activities, and much more.

The computer lab is also equipped with a printer. Students can print their school related items from different sources and for a low cost.


Mentora College expands and upgrades its library of materials and resources to ensure students receive the best opportunities to supplement and build on their education. The library includes an extensive selection of resource texts ranging from specialized dictionaries and grammar texts to materials focusing on professional content areas such as Banking and Finance. We also offer a large collection of fictional books and graded readers for learners of all language levels.


Located on the second floor, students can enjoy their break time at the café while meeting fellow students, catching a game or watching the news on the flat screen tv, or enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a book. They serve delicious food and offer a variety of snacks and drinks.

Financial Services

•For Tuition inquiries please contact us, along with the program you are interested in.

•Mentora College offers a 30% tuition discount for students within the first month of their program. For full details, please contact us at:

Health Insurance

With a proper international student insurance plan, you will protect yourself from the high costs of an unexpected injury or illness. Obtaining adequate health insurance for your stay in the US is very important.

Mentora College strongly recommends that you find a health insurance provider before or soon after you arrive in the US. Our staff regularly advises students about health care and insurance and can assist you in finding a reasonably priced insurance provider.
*Please see our student handbook or e-mail for a copy.

Pathways to Success

Mentora College presides at the intersection of high-quality English language instruction and effective preparation for higher education and professional achievement. To help students realize their goals, Mentora College offers academic counseling services for students applying for admission to higher education institutions. Our services are designed to provide students with personalized instruction tailored to meet their individual needs and goals. Our many options are flexible and can be combined to maximize our student’s academic potential.

  • Comprehensive and engaging instruction to meet university language requirements
  • SAT, GRE, and GMAT test preparation for a successful beginning to academic pursuits in America
  • Personalized assistance and academic counseling when applying to universities
  • Private tutoring to fast-track students to academic success
  • Assistance for students transferring to our partner programs and other universities
  • Professional development courses
  • English for students of business, law, and medicine
  • Student internship programs

  • >Learn more: Pathways Partnerships


Mentora College is partnered with Island Condos housing, conveniently located within walking distance from bus stops and near the metro.

Apartments are furnished, include spacious living areas and fully equipped kitchens. The building also offers balconies, high-speed internet, cable television, and in-unit washer/dryer.

The building is also centrally located next to restaurants, grocery stores, salons, and shopping areas.

Single and double occupancy rooms are available.
Please inquire for home stay options.

To stay in the apartments, you can contact us by sending e-mail to and we will try to locate you in one of our apartments. The apartments are usually for 4 people, and they are all furnished with cable TV, Wi-Fi, and appliances that meet your basic needs. All utilities are included in the housing price.

*The apartments are subject to availability. Mentora College takes no responsibility for locating housing for every student and students may have to seek out housing options before they arrive to the school.