Youth Program 2015 Testimonials

Youth Program 2015 Testimonials

What students are saying about the Mentora College Youth Program

When asked “What did you like most about our school?” students gave the following answers.


At the DC United soccer game

At the DC United soccer game

“I like the teacher and the way they conducted classes.”

Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning

“Activities that make English more challenging.”

At the Botanic Gardens

At the Botanic Gardens

“Location of the school. I liked the fact that teacher and the employees were friendly”


In front of Mentora College

“Food, family-like environment and teacher’s warm greeting”


At the Mentora College cafeteria

“Teachers, Field Trips, new people I met, and the experience I gained”


The Nationals Baseball game

“Students are very friendly. Food is delicious, transportation and dormitory is great”


Eating with students from around the world

“Interest of teachers towards us. Teachers looked after us when we need them”


With the teacher at the certificate ceremony

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