Mentora Youth Program - Coming Summer 2019

Mentora College offers a youth programs for young students and teens between the ages of 10 and 17. This program is designed to instill curiosity and respect for language learning, foster compassion and leadership, and spark an interest in the discovery of new cultures.

The goal is for students to develop competency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking while building confidence and gaining experiences in personal growth. Through this program, students will become familiar with the American culture as they learn the English language.

  • Each session runs for three (3) weeks, including an orientation at Mentora College
  • Morning and Afternoon classes: Groups of up to 40 students and divided into smaller class sizes no more than 18 students
  • Classes consist of three (3) hours of daily English lessons (taught as 3 individual lessons, with 2 short breaks)

Student Activities

Our program provides stimulating summer learning and provides students with the opportunity to participate in many fun and exciting activities while practicing English.

Many of the activities include:
  • touring Washington, DC and visitng places like the White House, The Capital Building, and many historical places.
  • sight-seeing many locations such as monuments and touristic locations.
  • discovering famous museums, many include Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and many many more.
  • visiting New York City or other cities in the USA.
  • fun cultural events, festivals, amusement parks.
  • participating in outdoor activities, hiking, and enjoying the animals at the zoo

Summer Program Curriculum

Our Summer program provides a combination of whole class and small groups instruction. Instructors will encourage active participation by tailoring different activities to meet student's interests and abilities.

For each new session, up to 80 students are able to register (depending on the number of currently enrolled students in our regular ESL program). Our Program typically offers either morning classes with afternoon activities of morning activities with afternoon classes

Registered students are placed in the appropriate class level based on their writing sample (included in the application form). Students are divided into groups of no more than 18 students. Instructors who are assigned to the program may teach up to two class groups per day.

Although the large groups are divided into smaller class groups, students will be with the entire group for some afternoon class activities and for all the field trips.

For every 15 students, at least two (2) chaperones must accompany them from their home country to help guide them around the city during class activities and support them after school and during the weekends.

Class Sizes

Depending on the number of students that register for the program, a group of up to 40 students will be divided into smaller class groups with up 18 students each.

Summer Program Admissions

Mentora College has an open-admission policy.

Students who wish to enroll in the Summer Program must:

  • Be between the ages of 13 and 17
  • Complete an application form and submit a non-refundable registration fee ($70.00)
  • Pay the complete program tuition fee (for 3 weeks)
  • Obtain a valid B2 visa (This allows for enrollment in a short recreational course of study)
  • A valid passport

Mentora College offers four (4) levels of General English, from basic literacy to proficient English. Applicants must take the placement test (provided by the Connect textbook published by Cambridge University press) prior to the beginning of the course.

Student Services

Program Counseling

The chaperones and the Youth Program Coordinator will provide advice and/or counseling.

The Student Admissions Coordinator & PDSO, Financial Officer, Administrative Coordinator, and the Student Admissions Officer will handle all immigration/visa issues. Our staff involved in the Summer Program is available during regular school hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00AM – 5:00PM).

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is required once you arrive in the United States. Health Insurance through HTH is included in the tuition, but students opt out and use a different health insurance provider of their choice.

Student Housing

Students enrolled at Mentora College, including the Summer Program students, are provided with housing at Mentora College’s apartments. Chaperones may also stay in these accommodations.

For more information, please contact us at

2017 Program Calendar

*For our winter school schedule, please email us at
  3 Week Program 4 Week Program 3 Month Program
Session 1      
Starts 19-Jun-17   19-Jun-17   19-Jun-17  
Ends 7-Jul-17   14-Jul-17   8-Sep-17  
Travel Dates (recommended)            
Arrive June 17 or 18 (Sat or Sun) June 17 or 18 (Sat or Sun) June 17 or 18 (Sat or Sun)
Depart July 8 or 9 (Sat or Sun) July 15 or 16 (Sat or Sun) Sept. 9 or 10 (Sat or Sun)
Optional - NYC            
Leave DC July 1 (Saturday) July 1 (Saturday)    
Leave NYC July 2 (Sunday) July 2 (Sunday)    
Session 2      
Starts 10-Jul-17   17-Jul-17      
Ends 28-Jul-17   11-Aug-17    
Travel Dates (recommended)            
Arrive July 8 or 9 (Sat or Sun) July 15 or 16 (Sat or Sun)    
Depart July 29 or 30 (Sat or Sun) August 12 or 13 (Sat or Sun)    
Optional - NYC            
Leave DC July 22 (Saturday) July 22 (Saturday) July 22 (Saturday)
Leave NYC July 23 (Sunday) July 23 (Sunday) July 23 (Sunday)
Session 3      
Starts 31-Jul-17   14-Aug-17      
Ends 18-Aug-17   8-Sep-17      
Travel Dates (recommended)            
Arrive July 29 or 30 (Sat or Sun) August 12 or 13 (Sat or Sun)    
Depart August 19 or 20 (Sat or Sun) Sept. 9 or 10 (Sat or Sun)    
Optional - NYC            
Leave DC August 12 (Saturday) August 26 (Saturday)    
Leave NYC August 14 (Sunday) August 28 (Sunday)